What Are You Afraid Of?

fear-441402_1280I don’t think I have ever met anyone who didn’t struggle with some degree with “What If” disease.  No, I suppose it isn’t a LITERAL disease, but it might as well be.  The enemy delights in robbing believers of joy and peace.   “What if” does just that.  It replaces the peace that passes all understanding with anxiety, worry and fear.  And it SO delights the enemy when we allow ourselves to focus on the future and those areas over which we have no control.

The “What If?” disease takes on different forms, depending on your season in life.  An expecting mother will fear issues related to her pregnancy, the birth and health of her baby.  A homeschooling mother may worry about the education she is providing for her children and if it will be enough to prepare them for college.  When you reach my age, the questions raised are yet in another realm altogether.

What if one of my parents gets sick and can’t care for themselves?  How will *I* take care of them?

What if my husband dies and leaves me alone?

I’ve worked so hard to raise my kids to walk with the Lord.  What if they grow up and reject the Him and all I’ve put into them?

What if God doesn’t heal me and I am in pain the rest of my life?

In Lesson 4 of Loving God With All Your Mind, Elizabeth George encourages us to again, think on truth, this time in terms of the future.  Regardless of our age, it seems this one is a biggie, doesn’t it?

As I look ahead, my current struggles are more along the lines of worry over my father and his health.  After the extended time of caring for my mother before she died, I have to be careful to not let my mind go to the place of wondering which parent/in-law will be next and how I will handle it.  Part of that fear is my own health and fear of my chronic illness never improving.  I watched my mother be in pain her entire life and no one wants that!  But God…He KNOWS the plans He has for me!  It’s not to harm me.  It is to give me a future and a hope! 1  He’s basically saying, “I’ve got this!  You can’t see it but I have got it covered.  You have GOT to trust me!”  Oh, to have Him sit in front of me and say that!  I FEEL like I need that, but I don’t.  If I did need that, I’d HAVE that because He promises to provide all my NEEDS according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. 2  I HAVE all I need.  THAT is the truth that I must speak to myself.

In order SPEAK truth, we must KNOW truth...the truth is God's Word! Click To Tweet

Am I the only one seeing a pattern in these lessons?  In order SPEAK truth, we must KNOW truth…the truth is God’s Word!   If this isn’t incentive to memorize scripture, I don’t know what is!  We may not have our Bibles with us the next time we are overwhelmed with anxiety over a difficult visit with a physician.  We may be alone in the middle of the night when we get a call that a loved one has been in a serious accident or even died.  I can say from personal experience, when those scriptures are hidden in my heart, the truth comes forward much more quickly than if I have to look it up or call a friend.

Scripture Memorization Page by Susan Krebs Russell

This lesson is FULL of great verses to pull from in times of worry and fear.  I hope to put a few more of them to memory this year, using Bible journaling as a means to help it stick in my fibro foggy brain.  My friend, Jennifer Harris (Ponderings of an Elect Exile) wrote a guest post for Mandy Kelly (Worshipful Living) about Bible journaling that really got my creative juices flowing.  Susan Krebs Russell, a friend  I met in the Facebook Journaling Bible Community Group, has had good results with this method.  Her success, after years of frustration trying to memorize scripture, gives me hope! I know that writing these out and thinking on them while I do the artwork will help solidify them in my mind and heart.

Bible Journaling: Worship Through Scripture Art


What about you?  What are YOU afraid of?  What are your concerns regarding the future?  If you’d like to share, you can comment below or reach me privately at my “Contact Me” page.  I would be so pleased to hear from you and encourage you.  You are NOT alone in your “What if’s!”

  1. Jeremiah 29:11
  2. Philippians 4:19

4 thoughts on “What Are You Afraid Of?

  1. Beth…This is a great post! Thank you for sharing your heart and what God is teaching you, and thank you for sharing my post. :) You are so right about Scripture memory. That has always been a big focus for me with our children in our homeschooling. I was brought up learning large amounts of Scripture by heart (through the Bible Memory Association program), and it has meant so much to me over the years to have those passages hidden in my heart! We slid on that last year, though, so I have purposed to get us back on track with that this year. I don’t know if you saw my most recent blog post (which was actually in December…ack!), but I’ve been struggling with major concerns about the year ahead for our family. God has so convicted me about letting fear and worry rule, and I chose “trust” as my word for the year this year to delve into as I seek to trust instead of worry! I need to pull out my copy of Loving God With All Your Mind and read it again this year…thanks for the reminder!!

  2. I’ve used excuses for far too long when it comes to scripture memory. I’m hopeful that this will help me. Now to find the time to do the artwork! With cooking for my special diet, learning piano and keeping up with my blog and the house, I’m feeling a little frazzled. But I’d rather be busy than lazy. (Hmmmm, that needs a “click to tweet!”)

    I’m doing a lesson every Friday in Loving God with All Your Mind. You should join me! Next week is Lesson 5.

  3. You’re right. Going to the scripture first, when our minds fill with worry, is what we need to be doing. I love the pictures you showed of the bible journaling pages. That looks like something I’d enjoy and benefit from.

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