The Beast Still Lives

GodTwo weeks ago in my post “Going After the Beast,” I shared how God had very specifically encouraged me through a passage in Isaiah as I embarked on another very restrictive diet to see if eliminating these new specific foods would decrease my pain level.  I thought I would update here, for those who are following.

I was only able to give it a full 10 days as I felt absolutely horrible while on the diet.  I can speculate a couple reasons for that.  First of all, most of the foods I was accustomed to eating were pulled out and my gut was not very happy with those changes.  Secondly, my stress level was extremely high trying to deal with daily food preparations considering the limitations.  I wish I could look back and say I was totally at peace while going through this, but I can’t honestly say that.  But I was praying for clear direction from the Lord and I feel that He did give that to me.

I saw my doctor a couple times during that 10 days and she was quite surprised that the further eliminations actually made me feel worse.  My inflammation went up almost immediately and resulted in more joint pain and me not being able to maintain my chiropractic adjustments.  She basically gave me permission to stop when I was ready and I cried “Uncle” on day 10.   This diet wasn’t even her idea but she totally supported me in seeking my own answers.

The Dilemma – What if it doesn’t work?  What if it DOES!  The fact of the matter is, the diet was unsuccessful so I am left to manage my life with my chronic pain.  Thankfully, I will not be doing it alone.  Of course I am disappointed that it didn’t lead to a reprieve, but I must put my faith in my Creator.  One great benefit… I am MUCH more content with my CURRENT food eliminations.  There’s nothing like having something taken away from you to make you appreciate it all the more!

I am thankful I went through with it because it provided answers.  There will no longer be the doubt as to whether my body can tolerate high fodmap foods. My response was clear,  so I am laying it to rest.

My focus now turns to regaining the ground that was lost and most importantly, trusting the Lord each and every day with the current status of my health.  Chronic pain is my thorn in the flesh, at least for now.  I know God CAN heal me.  But now I must trust in HIM, His timing and His sovereignty.  Whether He chooses to restore me to full health or not, He is GOOD and worth of ALL my praise.  I cannot imagine navigating through a life of chronic illness with out Him!

4 thoughts on “The Beast Still Lives

  1. Well, Beth, I am sorry that the A. I. Paleo wasn’t the answer…. but on the other hand I am glad you are not that much more restricted in dietary choices. Bless your heart what a journey, but I truly am so very blessed by your attitude! You have been on my heart a great deal lately. Praying for you, sister!

    • Thanks, Lorri! I’m still doing AI Paleo. It’s the low Fodmap diet that didn’t work. It was even more restrictive than AIP. So there are still no nightshades, peppers of any kind, nuts, seeds, eggs…That’s a good thing! LOL! I do appreciate your prayers. I just need to take it one step at a time. If I start contemplating a life time of pain…just can’t go there, ya know?

  2. Beth, I have neuropathy and have found incredible relief by taking one or two 75 mg capsules per day of Lyrica. After years of suffering it’s been the magic bullet for me. I urge anyone with chronic pain to give it a try.

    • Thank you for your comment, Edward. I too take Lyrica, 100 mg three times a day in addition to another pain med. At best together they usually keeps me at about a 4 on the pain scale. I’d sure love to get things under better control than that though. I’m so happy it works for you!

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