Securing the Strength to Serve (Caring for the Caregiver)

Much of my blog revolves around my metamorphosis from stay-at-home-mom to care-giving daughter.  Just as being a mother brought enormous growth in my life, the role of caregiver is proving to do the same.  It is one of the most demanding of God’s callings on my life.  In order to remain stable, strong and secure in that role, several aspects of our lives need to be attended to on a regular basis.

Beginning November 3rd, I will examine 5 areas I have pinpointed in my own life that require routine maintenance.  Neglecting these will propel you toward burnout.  These areas are:

Spiritual – Probably the most critical area (Monday, November 3rd )

Physical – Caring for our bodies (Tuesday, November 4th)

Financial – Stress free or Stress-ful (Wednesday, November 5th)

Social – Making time to get away (Thursday, November 6th)

Mental – Day to day emotional outlook (Friday, November 7th)

Please join me for this 5 day series as I hope to encourage you from the lessons I have learned and continue to learn from my own experiences in the past year.

Featured Image courtesy of Tim Hamilton.

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