Pre-order Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels

I am slowly making my way through Juana’s Mikel’s book and just wanted to update.  What a blessing to be on the launch team!  I am enjoying every word and excited to see what the Lord will do in the lives of those who read it.   This book will be an encouragement to all women, whether in a difficult marriage or not.  The key to this book is the power of the GOSPEL!  It is Christ who saves marriages, not methods or counselors.

Did I tell you there would be a free downloadable study guide?  Well…there will be a free downloadable study guide!  I haven’t see it yet, but if it is any thing like the book, I’m excited to see it and possibly lead a study with it.  Of course, that will be if God permits it at the time.  Must always ask Him first!  I have a tendency to step ahead of Him.  I’m still growin’ up!

“I wish all those whose marriages are in trouble could know Juana s story.” -ELISABETH ELLIOT, author of Through Gates of Splendor and Quest for Love

“Juana is a lovely and godly woman who speaks from her heart, personally and honestly to her audience. She glorifies God with her honesty and candidness, and draws her listeners in with Truth and Grace from the Spirit who lives in her. I highly recommend her to you!”   -VALERIE ELLIOT SHEPARD Author of Pilipinto s Happiness, daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot

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