No Turning Back Now

As I mentioned in my last post, there is a large chunk of the past year that has not reached my blog.  I told my siblings while my mother was dying that I wanted to blog about it, but I was so busy, and…yeah, it was easy to put it off.  Emotions were running about as high as they could be, understandably.  But I am committed to the task before me.  As I was working through an assignment in The Intentional Blogging Challenge, I was faced with my reasons for wanting to do this.  I have always struggled with desiring to please others.  Would I be willing to stick with this, even if I never develop a “following?”  Good question!

Examining my heart on this question didn’t take long.  Yes, I want approval from others.  That issue goes WAY back.  Trust me.  But you know what?  I learned a great deal during that time about myself, my family, and most of all, the faithfulness of Christ.  I have a story to tell.  I have encouragement to offer.  If nothing else, that time needs to be documented on behalf of my family.  My siblings and I had an ongoing private conversation on Facebook during that time.  They were not able to be with us in NC while Mama was in her decline, but they were totally there for my father and I in spirit.  They encouraged me when I needed pulling up, they allowed me to vent when I was angry, and they prayed.  Most of all, they prayed.  I went back to those threads recently and there were over 3000 posts!  One of my next tasks is to put all that pain, drama and emotion into a Word document.  As I work through what is there, my plan is to just let the Lord lead me.  There will be encouragement and advice for those dealing with Hospice and/or home health.  There will be posts on relationship issues.  Some of it may be related to my autoimmune illnesses and how they played into caring for an aging/dying parent.  And obviously, the overarching theme will be how The Lord sustained us through those difficult months.  It will be hard work.  It is going to be very painful.  But it will be oh, so worth it!  I pray that it will be a blessing to my readers as well.

Meet my parents, Doris and Roy Morton.  My mother went to be with Jesus on February 20th of this year.  We are blessed with the continued presence of my father in our lives.  He will be 80 next month.  I want you to have faces to attach to the lives that blessed us in hopes that they will bless you as well.  de6b0-morton

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  1. Great post, Beth. And I love the explanation (in your bio) of the blog title and meaning for your family. Very cool. There are so many blogs to read in our Intentional Blogging group that it’s almost overwhelming. But I can tell yours will be one I read regularly. Instant connection here. Keep up the good work.

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