Finding My Voice

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I am part of The Intentional Blogging Challenge and through it, I am attempting to be more consistent and more…intentional, in my writing.  It involves, for me at least, a commitment to some consistency.  Discipline for myself, to encourage me to stop avoiding the difficult topics.  In fact, I want to attack those topics, much of which includea the difficulties and blessings surrounding the sickness and death of my mother.

This particular assignment had me email friends/family and ask them to use words or phrases to describe me and/or my writing.  In the past, my mother is one of the first people I would have asked.  She was always there to give me feedback of this sort.  I emailed a friend and some family, people who know my very well.  These are some of the responses I received.

Description of your writing. Articulate, thoughtful, transparent, thought provoking. You? A servant, humble, mother to mothers, follower of her savior Jesus.


* open and vulnerable in where you are

* Christ-centered

* willing to approach the difficult conversations


Smart, loving, thoughtful, and kind

I am encouraged by the responses I received, at the same time acknowledging that any of these positives are only because of God’s work in my life.

In examining my “voice,” I had to examine who my target audience is.  I have always been a person who wants to fix things.  My natural man thinks I can fix things on my own.  How haughty! God has been gracious to me though, in that He is daily showing me that He CAN use me, and my servant’s spirit, to bless others.

The Bible talks about when we go through difficult times, we can then encourage others when they go through the same or similar circumstances.  THAT is the “voice” I want to share in my blog.  Not just a “been there, done that” mindset, but one of “yes, I get it.  And here is the One who understands your pain even more and will get you through it.” Pointing others to Jesus.  That’s what it’s all about.

Are you finding yourself face to face with the possibility of having to care for the basic needs of your parents, as they have gotten older and weaker?  As your nest empties, are you thinking you will be replacing that empty space with your parents?  Do you have chronic illness that makes dealing with the every day aspects of life even more difficult?  And are you doing all these things while trying to stay focused on Jesus Christ, rather than on how overwhelmed you are?  Just when you thought life was slowing down, it didn’t?

If any of this applies to you, this blog is for you.  I want to encourage you, as others encouraged me.  I want to share the struggles, and the victories.  I want to help you take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.  I want you to learn from my failures.  I want you to know you have someone who understands and who is here for you.

This time of life can be a long one.  Only God truly knows.  I have only lost one parent, but the other is steadily aging, so it IS coming.  My in-laws as well.  It can be overwhelming if we waste time asking ourselves “what if?” Honestly, it’s overwhelming WITHOUT wasting our time with worry.  Hopefully this blog will have information that will help you.  If there is a particular topic you want to see covered, send me a message.  I would appreciate any suggestions you have.

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