Famine in the US?

Would you believe me if I said famine is coming to the US?  Actually, it is already here!  You are probably thinking, “I’m aware there is poverty and malnutrition here, but famine?  No way!”

Psalm 33:18-19

Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him,

on those who hope in His steadfast love,

that He may deliver their soul from death

and keep them alive in famine.

As I was reading these verses this morning, I thought about the word famine.  The same thing came to my mind as it probably did to you.  There isn’t famine HERE.  Third world countries, sure.  But not here.

It only took a minute for the Lord to show me that we are indeed living in a time and place of famine.  Don’t you feel like you are swirling around, fighting against the waves of the world?  I do.  It is everywhere you look.  Darkness.  Emptiness.  Worldliness.  Evil.  This country is in a spiritual famine!  But most people are busy walking through this life, not aware that they are starving.  They are starving to death.  The Bible tells us that the wages of sin, is death.  Those who do not know Christ, they have no hope!  They will spend eternity spiritually starving because they cannot get to the only One who can truly feed them.

If you are searching for food, for that spiritual food that will keep you alive in this famine, and through all eternity, look no further.  The Lord is my hope, just as the verse above says so well.  HE will keep me alive in the spiritual famine in the US, on this earth.  He is the ONLY one that brings life.  And He is not stingy with it!  All you have to do is come to Him.  Not only will you survive your time on this earth, but you will live for eternity!  Reader, if you have more questions about the ONLY One who can keep you alive, please contact me.  I will gladly point you to the table where lies the Bread of Life.  It never runs out.  You will never go hungry again.

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