Dr. Greenfield’s Plan

It has been a hectic week for me, but today I am totally enjoying some much needed rest and quiet.

As I said in a previous blog post, my mother’s health is not very good and she is slowly getting weaker.  I have a plan with my father for me to spend every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at their house so I can help out.  During my time there I try to do most things for my mother, so that he is free to do whatever he needs, be it errands, grass mowing, or catching a nap.  It is not physically stressful, as she only needs help every couple of hours or so.  I do enjoy visiting with her when she is awake, but I’m not running a marathon.  What I am finding is that I have to be very careful what I do with my time at home or I don’t even up accomplishing a thing!

This week was busier than I think/hope most weeks will be as my first “day off” included my follow up visit with Dr. Greenfield.  She is one of the smartest women I have ever met, and she rightly had me tape our discussion that day so that I did not need to worry about taking notes.  I caught a good bit of it, but there are still holes and I’ll need to listen to it again, I’m afraid.

After thinking about my case over the long weekend, she made a decision on one of about 6 possible directions she could have taken me.  All of my issues, whether they are thyroid related, adrenal gland issues or female hormones in general, combined with my fibro, etc, all have the common thread of inflammation.  Many of the foods in my normal diet promote more inflammation in the body.  So her start for me was to put me on a Paleo Diet plan.  I was expecting Mediterranean diet, but that still includes many of the foods that can cause inflammation.  I was very gung ho…at the office.  She gave me a few supplements to aide my digestion and to reduce inflammation.  Those inflaming foods cause the lining of the gut to be more porous and the toxins leak into the bloodstream and body rather than being properly expelled.

After I got home and started reading what was NOT allowed, I melted into a puddle.  I was already gluten free because of my Celiac disease.  I was already lower sugar because of my Type II Diabetes.  But I was not expecting NO GRAINS at all, NO LEGUMES (bye bye butter beans!) and NO DAIRY (eek!  no cheese?).  This diet is very labor intensive to say the least.  It calls for very “clean” eating with as little processing in foods as possible.  There is not a mayo on the SHELF that is not processed or have naughty ingredients., hence why I will be trying to MAKE my own MAYO this afternoon.  Nuts are allowed on this diet but no ones that have been roasted in any of the processed oils.  So I will be roasting my own almonds when my order arrives.  If you know me well, you know that I take quite a few necessary short cuts in food prep here.  I purchase veggies already cut up to save on my time standing in the kitchen.  I buy some boxed rice mixes and add good meats and veggies to the mix to make a good meal for the family.  But from here on out, much of that will be out for me.  I can still use those for them, but have to make sure my food is unprocessed and as “clean” as possible.

I am to a point where I have given this to the Lord, because I KNOW it’s the best thing, and have begun accepting the new things it will be requiring as they come up.  I’m still learning!  And with this hectic week, it’s been difficult.  There are no quick foods that you can grab and go, unless you have made them ahead of time.  Bringing meals to my parents for myself has been interesting.  Yesterday morning for breakfast I had leftover grilled chicken and a few dill pickles!  I could have had boiled eggs, but I saved them for lunch.  I can have fruit, but not in large quantities, if for no other reasons than my blood sugar.  SO…a lot of changes are taking place!

There have been some GREAT changes already!  I had already decreased my blood pressure medications because it had come down a good bit with being low carb already.  With this it has dropped even more.  I haven’t taken my BP medication in a couple days.  It has ranges from 111/76 to 135/84.  Occasionally it has crept up to the dreaded 140/90, but it has not crossed over into hyper land yet.  I am watching it closely and will take half a tablet if it crosses the line.

My blood sugar has been great!  I started by decreasing my metformin by half and today is my first day of not taking it at all.  My fasting BS was 102 this morning.  So far today it hasn’t been over 110.  I have a sweet potato waiting for me and that will be a true test of a healthy, but carby vegetable.

My goal is to get healthy, not to lose weight.  But I am a little happy to have dropped a couple pounds.  It isn’t my goal for now though.  I think about it all the time so I have to take my thoughts captive on this issue.

Thursday was another busy off day because I was shopping to begin restocking my pantry with Paleo foods.  Other errands were stuck in there as well as an impromptu visit to check on my mother at my father’s request.  It feels strange that I don’t need to go anywhere today.  But I’m so thankful for the rest.  I’m also so thankful for the support of those around me, especially my online friends who are encouraging me every step of the way, many of them having made those same steps not too long ago.  It helps me to not feel alone.

But God…love those words!  I am NOT alone!  Regardless of how I may feel here on this path,  I am NEVER alone!  My God promises that He will never leave me nor forsake me.  (Hebrews 13:5b) That is His promise for each and every one of His children!  I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for His provisions for me.


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