Choosing Him All Over Again – When God Allows the Pain of Rejection

As I continue to delve into Juana Mikels book, Choosing Him All Over Again, I am riveted by her reliance on God amidst the rejection she experienced so deeply.  She has come to Christ, He has changed her inside and out, and she sought to restore what she had destroyed…her marriage to Terry.  But he didn’t want her back!

We all know the “end of the story,” but reading this book, I am amazed at the peace Juana was given by God amidst the pain of his rejection.  Not HIS rejection, for she was forever HIS child.  But rebuilding her marriage would be much more difficult than she ever imagined.

Many of us have experienced rejection in our lives.  Those of us who have, know that the pain from that rejection can resurface time and time again.  Sometimes that pain is real and current.  Sometimes it is the enemy, nurturing past pain and delivering it to us on a silver platter, silver that is dirty and tarnished beyond which any beauty can be seen.

But we all know that dirty silver is still precious because underneath all that disgrace and spoil is a cherished treasure.  And what does God do?  He purges and polishes so that He can present that pain to us in a way that we are blessed by it’s presence, because it draws us so much closer to Him.  We must rely on Him, just as Juana did during that time of her life, for He is the only one who can polish that platter and make it a charger worthy of bearing the pain that will be used to draw us into His presence.

juana's book

I am being so blessed by this book and encourage you to pre-order it so that you can be blessed by how God worked in the lives of Juana and Terry Mikels as He brought beauty to a marriage that had been destroyed because it lacked Him as the focal point.  It’s the perfect choice of reading material while you have a couple days off at the end of the year.  Begin 2015 with a beautiful story of redemption.

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