Choosing Him All Over Again – Official Launch Day!

I am so very thankful to be a part of the release of Juana Mikel’s new book, Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance and Redemption.  As I read this book, even knowing the outcome, I found myself anxious to see what each new page held.

To see Juana’s life from the outside looking in, you would have thought she had everything.  A wonderful job that paid VERY well, and beautiful home, a handsome husband.  The thing is…she wasn’t happy!  Something was missing.  What she THOUGHT was missing and what actually WAS missing were very different.  Unfortunately, she almost lost her marriage trying to find that missing piece.  But God had a journey for her to walk and she was to walk it alone.  In order for her to see her need for Him, God needed to remove all other distractions.  For it was only when she was truly alone that she was able to see GOD.

Whether you are struggling in your marriage or have a beautiful marriage, this book will encourage you.  In addition to her story, Juana gives advice to those who are on the verge of divorce, and suggestions to others who just need to allow Christ to bring new life into what they have taken for granted for years.

juanaIt took Juana almost losing her marriage to see her need for Christ.   And not only her need for Christ, but her need for Him to be FIRST in her life.  You may BE a believer, but does Christ have His rightful place in your life?  I encourage you to get Juana’s book and allow God to speak into your life and marriage.  Then pass it on to someone else!

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