Of Missing Dogs and Aging Parents

What a strange day this has been.  It’s only mid afternoon and I am completely drained.  It didn’t help that I pretty much started the day that way.  I slept on the couch last night, with the light to the deck turned on, in case our Jada and Jessie came home.   Andrew took them for a walk yesterday down to the Milner’s pond so they could run.  And they did.  And they didn’t come back.  Unfortunately, we were too comfortable with them and didn’t make sure they wore tags on their collars.  I researched finding pets last night while I couldn’t sleep and found a couple unique sites that do Amber Alerts for missing pets.  I set that into motion early this morning.  I posted them on local missing pet sites and Craigslist.  I called local vet offices…ELEVEN of them.  We actually DID get a call from the Amber alert and thought we’d found them.  Andrew and I flew into action!  Would you believe there was another set of dogs, a brindle with a red collar and a border collie with a black collar, in the neighborhood wandering around?  Seriously!  I saw them with my own 4 eyes.  I should have taken a picture, but I was too busy calling the number on the TAGS that their owner had diligently put on them.  
All of this is happening at the same time that my mother’s health and strength is seriously declining.  This is a new path for us as a family…for me as a daughter.  Being the only sibling local to my parents, I am taking on most the the responsibility of making sure things are lined up for them.  My brother and sister and invaluable to me, I have to say, as counselors, prayer supporters and encouragers.  I could not do what I do HERE without them doing what they do THERE.  I just want to know what to expect, ya know?  Is my mother sick and in need of a cure of some type, or is her body just winding down, preparing for her spirit to leave and be with her heavenly Father?  Just tell me and we’ll deal with it!  God knows exactly what’s going on, and my mother is ready, regardless of what is going on.  But on the purely physical side of things, my father is getting older too.  He will need some help there at home, even if I come to relieve him occasionally.  I am a fixer.  Tell me what is needed and I’ll make sure it gets done!  But right now, we are in a bit of limbo…and I have no control over that whatsoever.  
And that is ok, I think.  Well, it IS ok and I may as well accept that.  God is totally in control  and doesn’t need my help.  He knows how many days my parents have on this earth.  He also knows where Jada and Jessie are.  And it’s ok that I don’t know either one!  I am choosing to be thankful, at least for this moment, for this opportunity to practice trusting Him.  He is also in control of my pain level today, and the fact that I took my stronger pain med this morning and now can’t drive a vehicle the rest of the day.  This means I have to let others do for ME today, rather than me do for THEM.  I don’t have to be happy about that.  But it IS good…because God declares it so. 

Philippians 4:19
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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