Taming the Beast

What beast you ask?  In this case, the beast is my health.  More specifically, I want to take charge of my fibromyalgia, rather than feeling like it has taken charge of me, which is how I feel most days.  With my diabetes, I am in complete control of my numbers, because I can eat healthy and have great blood sugars, or I can splurge, and have blood sugars high enough to cause blood vessel and nerve damage.  The choice really is that simple, for me.  I realize it isn’t for everyone.
With my fibro, I feel like I’m at it’s mercy.  Different things I have tried have not been helpful.  Exercising, especially swimming, was fine, but it did not decrease my pain.  My pain was still ruling my life.  I have tried cutting inflammatory foods out of my diet.  No change.  Basically, nothing but medication has helped.  Interestingly enough, a couple of my medications for OTHER things have muscle pain and fogginess as side effects.  Can you say STATINS?  It really angers me, that something that should be helping me, is also hurting me and making my life more difficult.  I would really like to get off of the pain meds, and if possible, do some things that will help me get off of other meds.
There is nothing in my lab work that shows anything that we should be doing differently.  But tomorrow, I will be seeing a new doctor, one that treats naturally.  She will be doing applied kinesiology, which is new to me.  Well, I’ve heard a lot about it and have many friends who have been to similar doctors.  I have just never tried it myself, mainly because insurance doesn’t cover it.  But I’ve saved up and going for it!  I realize that some people feel that kinesiology is New Age and I’m sure there are places that it is all tied together.  But I also am aware that there are people who use it totally as a natural medical tool.  I plan to be up front with my doctor if I see any hint of New Age coming at me and if met with resistance, I will be out of there.  But I would love prayers that we are able to make some progress in determining possible problems that may be causing my pain.
I sent in thirty plus pages of paperwork today, 24 hours before my appointment, so the doctor could go over it and be prepared for my time with her tomorrow.  I was very impressed with that.  I won’t have to wait for her to go over it when I get there.  That was done at her request.  She also sent me a paper with instructions on a Candida self test that I failed miserably, so I’m sure that will be addressed.  Carb cravings are the story of my life!
I will keep my blog updated with progress or lack thereof.  Feel free to skip anything boring.  I hope I can find help for myself and perhaps help others in the process.
Speaking of BEASTS, I am happy to report that Jada and Jessie returned home after 36 hours and not at the same time!  Jada was not injured, but very much in pain and tired.  Jessie…well, she didn’t see what all the fuss was about.  We are very thankful that they are home.
Let me say one more thing…my thinking is disjointed, thanks to my fibro fog.  I want you all to know that I realize that chronic pain may be a part of God’s plan for me.  If that is the case, then getting healthier will not help me feel better.  But I feel I should do everything on my part to make sure I am not contributing to the problem.  Should God choose to keep this thorn in my flesh, I’ll be ok with that.  I fully trust Him and His sovereignty over my life.  OK…I just needed to say that, in case anyone was wondering.

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