First Visit with Dr. Greenfield

I met with Dr. Greenfield this morning and was very pleased with the initial visit.  She was very likable and had gone over all my paperwork.  She arrived armed with ton of questions, as this visit was more of a fact-finding mission.  After we talked she did some muscle testing to determine areas of my body that weren’t working properly.  She said she would be talking to me about what she finds next week.  That’s like getting an ultrasound and not finding out anything!  So I did to her what I do to most ultrasound techs…I asked questions.  I didn’t interrupt her though.  I was polite.  At first I asked her if I was a puzzle.  Her response what that we ALL are puzzles.  “Am I a 1000 piece puzzle?”  Dr. Greenfield, “With TEENY TINY PIECES!”  Before I left I asked if anything jumped out at her, like the positive Candida test.  “I think that’s only secondary.  It’s not the main thing.  Everything is hormonal.”  Specifically she mentioned my thyroid, my adrenals and my female hormones.  I’m still in perimenopause and have thought in the past that estrogen dominance was possibly an issue.  Thyroid is no surprise to me and honestly, neither is an issue with my adrenals.  I scored pretty high on a test she had on her website.  


So, I am off on my journey.  No red flags flew and I felt quite at home with her by the time I left.  I look forward to our next visit.  She even suggested that I record the next visit so I can just talk and then be able to go over it again at my leisure.  


Oh!  another blessing.  The $150 quoted to me that I thought was for just ONE visit, actually covered this one AND the visit next week!  Not too shabby!


Center for Chiropractic and Wellness 


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