A New Blog Direction

As I mentioned in my first blog post, my parents are at a point where their health is beginning to fail.  More specifically right now, it’s my mother.  I can’t say there is “nothing” wrong with her, but she is not terminal or anything.  She is in her mid 70’s and has had chronic pain issues all her life.  She still suffers daily.  We cannot find anything “wrong” with her that would cause the steady decline that we have seen over the last few weeks.  She has stumped her doctor’s as well.  All they, and we, can figure out is that her body is just worn out.  So now, we are making sure that she is safe, that she gets plenty of nutrition and hydration, and most of all we are showering her with love and patience.  My father is such a tower of strength to me, but he is getting older too.  He is her main caregiver now and I am trying to make sure that he gets the respite he needs as well.  

The joy that is ours in this situation, is that we ALL know and trust that the Lord Jesus Christ is FULLY in control of ALL our lives.  He has proven His love for us over and over.  He has, and is, blessing me with more strength than I have had in years, so that I can spend a great deal of time with them, trying to take some of the weight off my father’s shoulders.  My mother loves the Lord with all her heart.  She longs to be with Him in glory when He chooses to bring her home.  She looks forward to things HERE while she waits:  visits from children and grandchildren who are close enough to drop by, her first great grand child who will be born soon, visits from loving friends from her church…who faithfully send food for them to eat throughout the week, and frequent visits from her younger sister, with whom she has shared so much LIFE.  My mother may not have the sharpest memory these days, but she can tell when I am hurting or distressed.  She quickly jumps into mother mode and reminds me of the truth.  I honestly cherish this time we’ve had to draw closer than we have ever been. 

As things have changed with my parents, necessity has been the force behind several purchases to make life easier for them.  I plan to share reviews of these items in the hopes that it will encourage and inform other people who are finding themselves in similar situations.  

Please feel free to post comments or questions as you have them.   I will respond as soon as I can.  Or you can email me directly at thewheatlady@nc.rr.com 



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