Review – The Bed Cane and The Bed Cane Organizer

As my mother has gotten weaker, falls have not only been a concern, but a reality.  At least one of her falls has been associated with getting in and out of bed.  If you are not using a hospital bed, it is of utmost concern to have the height of the bed be one that is easy for the patient.  There are differing ways to accomplish this, but for us, it meant swapping the box springs of my mothers bed with the box springs of another bed in the house.  The second box spring was 3 inches thinner than my mother’s and we hoped it would work.  It did!!  It was important for her to be able to back up to the bed and sit, not needing to hike up her rear to reach the mattress.  That is what she was needing to do and there were several times when she would “miss” and start to slide.  She did reach the floor on at least one occasion.  We may eventually need a hospital bed, but for now, this did the trick.
The other troublesome issue involving the bed was the lack of a stable support to aid in standing.  If a person reaches forward and grabs their walker and tries to use it to stand, the walker will tilt toward them.  They are lightweight and NOT sturdy enough to use to get TO a standing position.  Once standing, they are great in the appropriate situation.  The probably with a bed, is there is nothing to hold on to in order to stand.  Bedside tables will tip over.  Chairs will tip over.  Bed rails that attach to a regular bed are flimsy and only have the weight of the mattress to hold it in place.
After searching several sites, I came across The Bed Cane.
Both my parents have said it has been the best purchase we have made in regards to aides for my mother.  I have to agree.  We purchased it from Amazon because it gave us the best price.   I have to say, the little video demonstration is absolutely the lamest thing ever, comparing a bed can to a candy cane.  Seriously?  Anyway, the visible part of the cane is not very large, but there is a sturdy piece of wood that slides under the bed, with a strap that goes from it and around the bed frame on the other side of the bed.  The entire bed is holding it in place.  It is not going anywhere.  My mother pulls up to a sitting position by holding on to it.  She also has it right there when she needs to stand, as a sturdy support that doesn’t give.
I should mention that there is an organizer that fits around the cane that will hold small magazines, remotes, and other small items.  It keeps things within easy reach.
I am not affiliated in any way with Amazon or the company that manufactures the Bed Cane.  Just sayin’….it’s great.

 The Bed Cane


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