Paprika! It’s Not Just a Spice Any More

I’ve been on the lookout for quite some time to find a recipe app that would save me some time and space.  I recently threw away many papers where I had printed out recipes off the internet, some that I actually tried.  😉 But now that I’ve gone Paleo, I don’t need the clutter.  We have to fight against that pack rat mentality, right!
I have found the app that has really done it for me.  It is called Paprika and is available for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.  If you want a free app, you’ll need to keep looking.  I had to download it separately for my Mac and my iPhone ($19.99 and $4.99 respectively) but it was totally worth it.  
Clipping Recipes – I believe this has been the most important element of this app to me.  There are 190 supported sites (Big Oven, Allrecipes,com, Pioneer Woman, just to name a few) where you simply go to the site on the Paprika browser and click “Save Recipe” and you’ve got it!  Easy Peasy!  

 I got pretty nervous the first time I wanted to clip one that was on a nonsupported site.  They have it all worked out.  It takes a little bit more time that one click, but you have a recipe in just a few minutes.  You simply cut and paste!  Cut/Copy the name of the recipe and the click “Name” at the bottom of the screen.  It pastes it in the proper place.  Cut/Copy the entire list of ingredients and then click “Ingredients” at the bottom of the screen.  Same thing for Directions.  If you want a pic for your recipe, click the box for the pic and then drag the pick you want to the box…done!  No writing out recipes or wasting paper printing them out.  Remember, this will sync to your phone so you can use your phone in the kitchen like a recipe book.  

There are a couple built in categories for the recipes you save but more importantly, you can create your own categories.  

Meals – in this section of the program you are able to create menus for the week, either using the recipes you have or simply writing in your own dish that the recipe is in your head.  For instance, green beans.  You don’t need a recipe for that, but you want it on your menu list…you’ll see why in a minute.  You can plan ahead using the built in weekly calendar. 
Grocery Need to write up your grocery list?  Simply click on Add Week or Add Day to your grocery list.  All the ingredients for those recipes are automatically added.  You are given the option to uncheck any items you already have before printing out your list.  Of course, you can just take your phone to the store and use your list that way.  You can add any other items to the list easily.  
There are so many other neat things like Cloud syncing, recipe scaling up or down, nutritional information where available…I won’t go into them all here because honestly, I haven’t dug into the app that far myself!  I’m still learning.  This app is too good not the share, hence this review.  
 Click HERE to check it out!
Let me know what you think!

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