Praying in Faith, not Fear

PrayinginfaithAre you questioning yourself today?  Are you questioning God?  I think we ALL fall into this trap from time to time.  The whole reason most of us are going through Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George is that we STRUGGLE with having the kind of faith that stands firm, that DOESN’T question what we know is true from scripture.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28 ESV)

I think this is probably the most concise verse we can pray when we are going through a struggle.  When we are asking why God is allowing something difficult in our lives, having this verse committed to memory will be that life saver to pull us back to a place of peace.  When everything we know seems to be slipping away, when the waves of turmoil are splashing around us, we must focus on the one thing that never changes.  The one PERSON who never changes.

Pray What You Know

Elizabeth George shares a prayer in chapter 19 from a godly woman who was in an extremely dangerous flash flood situation with a group of women.  With her knowledge of scripture, she was able to pray in FAITH a prayer that brought their focus back to the One who was in control of their situation.  She chose to focus on the truth of scripture rather than the fear that wanted to take control of them at that very moment.  In times like these, having those scriptures fixed in our minds and hearts will enable us to also pray in faith instead of being ruled by the fear that is attempting to rule our hearts at the moment.

When You Don’t Know

Obviously, to pray a prayer like the one shared in chapter 19, you need to have some key verses nailed down in your memory.  Regardless of your age, you CAN memorize scripture.  You may need different methods in your fifties than you used in your twenties, but we need to make it a priority.  When the situation is emergent, as the flash flood event described in chapter 19, you need to have key verses within you to be able to pull them up and pray them.

But what about those long, drawn out situations that feel like they will never end.  The times we are growing weary, when we need some help pulling up the verses that would pertain to our individual situation.  There are resources on the internet, as well as books that are full of God’s promises, sometimes by category, which I personally find very helpful when I’m struggling to focus.  I would encourage you to have some of those resources readily available, so you don’t find yourself scrambling in a crisis.

I am including two resources which I think will be very helpful to get you started in preparing yourself for future struggles where you need to pull from God’s Word in prayer.

Praying Scripture from Bible Gateway  An encouraging article that also includes links to some great resources you would want to have easily accessible.  When I was going through my mother’s things this past weekend with my siblings (my mother died last year) I came across a long box that was full of small cards, each one a promise of God and they were by category.  I love it because it was my mothers, and I love it because I can pull it out when I can’t focus on what is real and have TRUTH in front of me, by topic no less.  Here is a link to the exact box I found!  (This is not an affiliate link.)  Praying God’s Word Prayer Cards by Beth Moore

Lastly, a short article by John Piper to help you get started.  Tips for Praying the Word

I hope these will help you in your journey to Love God with All Your Mind.

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  1. Memorising the Bible is a concept we emphasise with kids, but it can be so powerful to have God help us remember a bit of scripture to encourage us in our time of need!

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