The Heart of Hospitality – How to Overcome “Fellowship Fear”


I have read several good articles/blog posts about hospitality recently, specifically how seriously lacking it is in the Christian community right now.  What I am seeing as a common denominator is a frustration, even fear, when it comes to showing Continue reading The Heart of Hospitality – How to Overcome “Fellowship Fear”

Do You Suffer from “Fellowship Fear”

“Fellowship Fear”  Yes, I just came up with that.  The phrase, not the sentiment.  The attitude is alive and well.  In an age of gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and what seems to be EVERYTHING-free at times, we are losing the heart Continue reading Do You Suffer from “Fellowship Fear”

“Are We There Yet?”

three happy kids in the car

If you are a parent, you have heard this question being pelleted at you from the rear seats of you vehicle as your family heads towards an exciting destination.  Everyone is focused on the goal…arriving!  The excitement that awaits has Continue reading “Are We There Yet?”